BVIC Artist Submissions

The roster for Black Voices in Cabaret is open to African-American performers, both professionals and advanced amateurs. By cabaret, we mean the intimate style of performance that connects the singer to their song and their song to the audience in a personal way. This applies also to spoken word, dance, magic and other arts. If you want to use the power and intimacy of cabaret, our roster is open to you.

  • Please submit your biography as per our Profiles page.
  • Please send a link to your YouTube or website clips, or attach an audio or video clip.
  • Let us know your accompanists. We look forward to working with them, too.
  • We welcome venues to join us, especially those on the South and West sides of Chicago, such as The Promontory, Carruthers Center, DuSable Museum, Kerhrein Center, Epiphany, etc.
  • We seek videographers to record performances, edit, and prepare livestream events, and graphic artists to design promotional material.

Questions? [email protected].