The roster for Black Voices in Cabaret is open to professionals and advanced amateurs.

Our mission is for the advancement of Black artists in the field of cabaret. By cabaret, we mean the intimate style of performance that connects the singer to their song and their song to the audience in a personal way. This applies also to spoken word, dance, magic and other arts.

Now that “Volume 1” of our project—three episodes of “Healing Through Song” streaming in March 2021—is well underway, we are looking forward to organizing summer events, including garden concerts, participation in the Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion, a youth camp for young cabaret artists, and collaboration with the Chicago Cabaret Professionals summer programs.

If you are an interested African-American artist, please submit:

SONGS: Send up to three selections within your own repertoire and musical genre (jazz, R&B, gospel, classical, rap, etc.). We welcome you to suggest themes for our next concerts and roundtable events.

SAMPLE: Because the programming team needs to hear or see a sample of your work, please submit a link to your YouTube or website clips, or attach an audio or video clip. A song recorded with your own phone video will be accepted.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Who are your accompanists? We look forward to working with them, too.

VENUE: We welcome venues to join us, especially those on the South and West sides of Chicago, such as The Promontory, Carruthers Center, DuSable Museum, Kerhrein Center, Epiphany, etc. Do you have a suggested venue?

VIDEOGRAPHERS and GRAPHIC ARTISTS: we continue to pull together an expert team of videographers to record performances, edit the work, and prepare livestream events. We seek graphic artists to make show and event posters.

LONG-TERM PLANNING: Based on our initial success, we will plan performances and other activities, including round-table discussions and shows. What themes and formats do you want for future programs? This is your network, your platform.

Submit your material to